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Relocation Services


Think of us as your trusted Relocation Advisor

We help create a stress free relocation experience for executives and their families. Jujubz minimizes the chaos and stress associated with relocating by anticipating all aspects of the move process. We can coordinate with your assistant or HR organization to finalize project scope, action plan and provide updates along the way.  

We Make Your Move Easy!

Our moving services are so much more than simply unpacking, removing boxes and organizing.Our team can offer assistance or oversight with service professionals, connect electronics, arrange furniture, decorate and make your new home ready to walk in and enjoy!  We provide you with a high-level of confidence and peace of mind knowing your move is always under control. 

We aren't a "physical" moving company but we work closely with reputable moving companies to complete this phase of your project. We also have an established vetted service provider program including locally owned estate sales experts, design/build and repair contractors, junk haulers, home cleaners and more!

With Team Jujubz, your only job is to sit back and enjoy your new living space!


Our Top-Rated Relocation Services Include:

Unpacking home after a move - Designs by
New Home Setup by Designs By Jujubz.png
Hanging artwork and pictures - Design by
Organized Shoe Closet by Designs By Juju

Coordinate, Schedule, and Direct Movers

Packing and Unpacking

New Home Set Up

Artwork Placement & Installation

Install Custom Organizing Solutions

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