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Doorless Wardrobe

Decluttering & Organizing


The benefits of simplifying, organizing, and storing are endless. There’s less housework. Goals become clearer. There’s more space for things you love. You may even sleep better. Organizing is not an end destination, it’s a process of acquiring skills, applying them, and implementing your newly acquired organizing skills every day.

There’s just one hurdle, sometimes organizing and decluttering years of memories can feel overwhelming.

When you need help getting started, maintaining or would just like someone to finish the job Team Jujubz is here to help!

Pantry organization help with Designs by

Jujubz Will Give You a Happy Organized Home!

Team Jujubz offers hands-on organizing, coaching, and implements functional systems to simplify and maintain spaces with a touch of style! Our mission is to replace the clutter, chaos, stress, and otherwise unnecessary distractions in your environment with peace, harmony and style in a way that works expressly for you.

Empty Shelves

As devout followers of the Japanese cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo, and avid learners from her #1 New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home, Team Jujubz provides guidance for determining which items in your home have meaning, functionality and/or can be repurposed and which don't.

Installing Shelves

Over time, our homes tend to become overcrowded. They don’t work as well for us as they once did. For most of us, it is hard to de-clutter and discard on our own. Enlisting the help of an organizing service is a small investment for a big return—peace of mind! We apply structured organizing techniques to help you STAY in your home, happier with how it looks and feels. We can also help you transition to your new home without it becoming over crowded just like your last one.

We understand clutter is not just "junk." We provide guidance, encouragement, and hands-on support. Our focused services accomplish a great deal in very little time, saving you time, headaches and money.

Our Decluttering and Organizing Services Include:

Pantry organization.jpg

Pantry Organization & Custom Labeling

Setting up a closet - Designs By Jujubz.

Installation of Custom Organizing Solutions

Discard Unwanted Items - Designs By Juju

Disposition of Unwanted Items

Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

Certified Shredding, Disposal, & Recycling

Office Videoshoot

Home Office Organization

Christmas Decorations

Holiday Decorating & Take Down Service

Well Organized Closet

Closet Organization Solutions

Image by Francesca Tosolini

New Home Setup

Organizing one’s space is a step on the road to personal positive change, and we are  thrilled and honored to be part of this transformative process.

We can make a difference in your life because we are:




A good listener



A problem solver

Comfortable to be with


Enjoy what we do

Focused on the big picture




Team Jujubz is passionate about what we do!

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