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Before & After

Cedar Park Multi-Room Home Organization


The Challenge:

Multi-Generation household with 2 middle aged children and a toddler needed their home office/child playroom, kitchen and master closet decluttered and organized. Our client wanted all of this to be a surprise for her husband and mom so all work needed to be completed while neither was present.

Our client’s mother was the cook of the family and was very protective of “her kitchen” so careful consideration of her cooking preparation preferences was of utmost importance.

Master Closet Organization          fore and After

  • Design a new master closet solution and organize his & hers clothes, designer shoes and handbags for ease of access and pleasing aesthetic.

  • Declutter and organize the family’s home office/children’s playroom so that mom and dad could work and the three (3) kids would each have a place to store their school gear and workspace for homework and crafts.

  • Declutter, design, source and install organizing solutions in the kitchen.

Solution | In three separate phases Team Jujubz was contracted to: 

Once done, all the “keep” items were put back in the closet, organized including 45 pairs of designer shoes and his/her clothes hung on 250 new felt gray “huggie” hangers. 

Disorganized master closet-

Everything has its place.

Task One | Master Closet Makeover:

The first visit to the residence was to take measurements in the master closet and office/playroom. Next step was for Julie to design a layout utilizing Elfa brand closet system and Elfa brand organizing and shelving solutions. Once the designs were finalized, we scheduled an installation date for the master closet with our client on a day she knew that her husband would be at the office the entire day. That day, as soon as he drove away, Team JujuBz was on site to remove the contents of the closet, remove all the old shelving and install the new Elfa system.

Kid's Office | Productivity Center          fore and After

Kitchen Organization
          fore and After

The third phase was the most difficult. Everyone loves their kitchen laid-out their way, with everything in the proper place as they deem that “proper place.”


This time was different, we couldn’t confer with the cook of the family as it was our client’s mom and the makeover was to be a surprise. And since it was a surprise, we couldn’t confer with the kitchen “owner” and had to wait until she was leaving town for a week before we got started. Once work commenced, we first had a LOT of decluttering! While mom was a great cook she didn’t believe in throwing anything out that could someday possibly be used.


After hours of decluttering, the next step was to remove everything from the cabinets and pantry for a good cleaning and make space for the new kitchen organizing solutions.

Lots of clutter throughout the kitchen.

Using a series of bins, baskets and installing several cabinet slide-outs we completed the kitchen utilizing our best mind reading skills to best determine how the family cook would want her kitchen. When our cook (Nana) arrived from her international flight the next morning, she was thrilled with her new kitchen! Job well done.  Dad’s favorite was the designated charging station for his electronics. 

  • The cooking oils are now all accessible, and the slide-out liners are an easy clean-up.

  • Nana’s vitamins and pills are now nicely organized along with her spices

  • Another successful junk drawer make-over!

  • The pantry is the hub of this kitchen; kids packing lunches and grabbing snacks after school. The home chef is pleased she has a place and labeled container for all her baking stuffs.

Task Two | Office | playroom Makeover: 

The second phase took place a couple weeks later. Team Jujubz crew arrived first thing in the morning to declutter and move everything out of the 210 square foot room. After a quick cleaning, the Elfa organizing systems were installed on the walls. One wall had a series of shelves and three workstations for the kids to do homework and crafts – complete with chalkboards for work and play. On the other wall, a series of shelving and racks were installed making room for books and places for the kids to hang up their backpacks – getting clutter off the floor and making it easier for mom and dad to actually be able to work at their desk in the office!

With nearly 3 cubic yards of clutter removed from this small space and the organizing solutions installed, our client loved the usefulness of their new space and the kids loved having their own desk/workstations and colorful bungee chairs!

Disorganized office/playroom-

Well organized office/playroom

Task Three | Kitchen Makeover: 

One of our client’s favorites...The lids finally have their own place to call their own!

It's a wrap:

While none of these jobs were complex and far reaching, they did pose the problem of how to organize and simplify a family’s life of living in a multi-generational home with three kiddos. Our client and her family love their new spaces and have already contacted us to next organize her husband’s garage so that he has room to work on his exotic car!

Start your       fore and after!

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