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Before & After

Hyde Park Rush Move


The Challenge:

A couple was faced with a predicament; he transferred to a job in California and she needed to downsize to stay in Austin to run her specialty retail business and be with her daughter while she finished school. They lived in a beautiful Hyde Park Craftsman home but needed to sell quickly so they could support the dual living arrangements.

The home was 2200 square feet with a detached two-car garage that was used as a workshop and storage space. While he took most of his personal belongings to California, she had most of the family possessions from multiple generations including furniture, historical artifacts, and antiques in the home, garage and two storage units. As you can imagine, there was a lot of stress!

Solution / Team Jujubz was contracted to:

  • Consolidate the storage units contents to the house.

  • Sort everything from the storage units; determine what was to be moved to her new 1300 square foot home and what was to be sold or properly disposed of.

  • Schedule two separate moves.

  • Dig-up & dismantle numerous pieces of yard art then move to her new home two miles away.

  • Coordinate the hiring of a Designs by JujuBz vetted estate sales specialist to sell and/or disburse of what was to be sold at an estate sale.

Sorting & Consolidating Items


Because space was at a premium with the incoming contents of the storage units, we first eliminated clutter, disposed of trash and recyclables. Next, to clear the attic and garage of our client’s property and determined what was to be kept, sold or donated. 

We then packed (86) boxes of personal belongings for our client and moved them to her new home nearby.


Once space became available, Team Jujubz went to work moving the contents of the storage units to the original home in preparation for the estate sale.

At this time, we engaged our estate sale specialist to begin inventorying and researching the hundreds of pieces to be sold.

Preparing Items for Auction

It's a Wrap:

Team Jujubz completed the transition with minimal stress for the clients. They walked away from the transition feeling that everything was handled professionally and as best that could been hoped for considering the circumstances.

Start your       fore and after!

Customers Lining Up for the Estate Sale

Estate Sale

Several pieces of highly sought-after items sold quickly during one of the most successful estate sales of the season! 

By the end of the three-day estate sale, we were able to facilitate our client receiving tens of thousands of dollars for assets that were otherwise just sitting idle.

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