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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you determine pricing?
    Project-Based Pricing. We conduct a complimentary consultation for all projects to get a good understanding of your scope and timeline. Within 24 hours you will receive a proposal that will include the scope, timeline, estimated # of hours and hourly rate for the project. Our hourly rate depends on the size and condition of the space. The proposal will also include recommended service provider(s) and cost estimates from our vetted partner list such as; movers, estate sale experts, trash haulers etc., the service providers will directly bill the client upon completion of services. We handle the donation, sale, and/or recycling of your dispersals. If we need to purchase anything for your project such as moving boxes, tape, packing material those items are a pass-thru cost and the client will be given the receipts and invoiced accordingly. Smaller organization projects usually start at $500-$900. Larger organization projects obviously require more labor and other expenses and can exceed $5,000-$8,000. We will design, source and purchase any organization solutions subject to your review and approval. These costs will appear on your final invoice.
  • What Is the “Simplify 4-Hour Kick-Start?”
    We quickly agree on the space(s) that we can make the biggest impact in 4 hours. The goal of this session is to get rid of anything that does not have meaning to you and to consult on a new organizational system for your remaining stuff. Afterwards, you'll receive a personalized list of organizing wisdoms and a personalized list of products that will help you stay organized. This is a flat service rate for $400 which includes up to 2 people depending on the amount of dispersals that will need to be transported to a charity of your choice and/or dropped-off at the Austin Resource Recovery center for responsible recycling.
  • Do I need to be there for the duration of the project?
    We will sort the space(s) together, but after that Team JujuBz can take care of everything else! You choose your level of involvement. If we are sorting your closet or organizing your office for example (where there will be important paperwork), then your presence will make the process more efficient. However, once the purging process is done, and we have clearly discussed your systematization needs, we can finish the project and you can determine your level of involvement. We’ve had clients there with us every step of the way and we’ve had clients that toss us the keys and leave for vacation!​​​​
  • How long does it take to complete a project?
    This depends on the size and condition of the space. For organizing, some spaces may only take a few hours and some could take a couple of days. While a complete move project may take several weeks. Our number one goal is to leave you with the best outcome possible in an efficient and timely manner!
  • You say that you have vetted partners that you work with for some larger projects. What does that mean?
    As a move management company, we have established relationships with companies that have specific areas of expertise needed for your project, e.g. Certified Age In Place Specialists (CAPS) builders, Movers, Storage, Junk Haulers and/or Estate Sale experts. These are companies that come with excellent ratings that we’ve worked with on multiple projects, are experts in their field, and share our goal of providing a superior customer experience.
  • What if I have to cancel?
    Cancellations made with less than a 72-hour notice without rescheduling a new date will incur a small cancellation fee.
  • I'm embarrassed! Just let me clean up first.
    First of all, there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Be proud! You're taking an important step in simplifying your life! You won’t be showing us anything we haven't seen before. We prefer that our clients leave their space in its native state, so we can see how you truly live and organize the space according to your needs.
  • Do you only do projects in Austin?
    Our services include the Greater Austin Area; Lakeway, Westlake, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Kyle and Buda. Projects that are located more than 20 miles from Downtown Austin will include a $20 travel fee.
  • So, after I call you or submit the form on your website and we schedule an on-site consultation, then what?"
    We come over, check out your space in order to give you an estimate and assess your wants and needs. Afterwards, if you decide you want to move forward; we agree to a start date, a contract signed prior to starting the project, and a 50% deposit is paid by cash, check or credit/debit card.
  • OK, now you have me organized. How do I keep it this way?!"
    During the process, we’ll offer suggestions and often install organizing solutions that help promote staying organized, but we do offer what we call a “maintenance tune-up.” Whether you’d like a tune-up each month, every three months or 6-months later, we can add a recurring visit to our schedules.
  • What other services do you offer?
    During large project transitions clients are often consumed with family, work and the overwhelming feelings that come along with life changes. So, they often lean on us to help them out with personal concierge tasks such as; having keys made for their new home, handyman projects, taking pets to daycare or boarding, arrange for house cleaning/lawn care or receive packages while they’re away. Once we've completed your new floor plan, if you need help shopping for a new piece of furniture to fit that perfect space, we can help with that too. Need something done but don’t have the time? Just ask us!
  • Do you offer Gift Certificates?
    Great question! And the answer is of course we do! Who wouldn’t want a gift of organization vs. more stuff to organize? We recommend gifting the Simplify 4-Hour Kick-Start offering as described above. See below for our shimmering silver gift card.
  • What certifications do you have that qualify your company in move management and home organization?
    Designs By Jujubz Home Professional Services is Certified by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). This is the only association representing the Senior Move Management profession, NASMM has a responsibility to set and promote best practices in Senior Move Management business development and client services. Julie Kreager is also a graduate from the QC Design School’s Professional Organizing course, where she received her certification as an Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP).

Do you have additional questions?

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