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The 3 P's of Downsizing

Planning Planning Planning

Small steps consistently taken will get you there faster than occasional sprints in a different direction.” – Steve Maraboli

Whether you're considering downsizing to a smaller home or a senior living community, managing all of the Downsizing "To Do's" as briefly outlined in my March Thoughts can quickly become overwhelming.

I recently co-presented a Downsizing Seminar where the audience was mostly 65+. At the end of the presentation everyone unanimously concluded that it's never too early to start planning. Customizing a high level milestone timeline similar to the one above is a good initial step. At a minimum the Downsizing Milestone illustration "as is" provides for a great discussion starter as you begin to walk through next steps with your family & friends. BTW we will be presenting another Downsizing Seminar in July 2023. Stay tuned!

Tip #1 - Get everyone on the same page

If your plan is to move in with your adult child make sure they know! Communicating early with your family on future senior living arrangement options will minimize everyone's anxiety & stress and significantly improve the family dynamic equation.

Tip #2 - Research Local Senior Resources

It's amazing how many senior organizations & business are available to assist throughout their Downsizing Journey. But as I shared in my March Thoughts it's really not that surprising considering 10,000 people in the US are turning 65 every day until 2023. In Austin, TX alone the below links are just a few senior advisor organizations that assist families to better understand the Central TX senior living landscape & options based on need and financial situation.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Tip #3 - Start early Identifying Items for giving

My clients find that decision-making on what to do with all of their stuff is one if not the most over-whelming "To Do's" of their Downsizing Journey. Waiting to the last minute to make these decisions only adds to the stress of moving logistics that is typically happening towards the end of the Downsizing Timeline.

Tip #4 - Saving memories digitally

From saving memories while decluttering to preserving the value behind your things, Artifcts gives you a digital way to organize stuff, collaborate with family members and capture the meaning behind objects. Check out Artifcts is a National Association Senior & Specialty Move Management Association (NASMM) Industry Partner.

Tip #5 - Why hire a NASMM Certified Move Manager?

Making a move at any age can be difficult and stressful. After 20, 30, or even 40 years in your current home, the process of rightsizing and relocating to a new home is overwhelming. Additionally, situations like divorce, cross-country moves, college student moves, office moves, and home cleanouts are also highly stressful.

NASMM members are highly qualified Specialty & Senior Move Managers who specialize in helping older adults and their families, as well as individuals and businesses, through the daunting process of organizing, downsizing and relocation. NASMM members understand your move is so much more than just a move.

Lets wrap it up

Planning & communicating early, engaging expert resources, identifying critical path milestone(s) and making adjustments along the way are key steps in ensuring your Downsizing Journey or any major transition has a happy ending. Designs By Jujubz is here to help. We are a NASMM certified Senior Move Management Company that serves Austin, TX and surrounding areas. We also provide virtual move management guidance.

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